From 1st of July 2022, everyone has the right to ask businesses covered by the Transparency Act for information on how they handle consequences related to basic human rights and decent working conditions.


Here you can read the actual Act and the Consumer Authority’s guidance.


The Transparency Act is intended to promote businesses’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions, and to ensure that the public has access to information on how businesses handle real and possible negative consequences related to their operations, whether directly or through their supply chains and business partners.


The Transparency Act is part of our sustainability work, and we are actively working to align ourselves with the requirements and expectations the law sets. The work to implement the law is already underway, where due diligence of our own operations, suppliers, and business partners will be the main focus.

As the group’s subcontractors are extensive, both in terms of size and geographical spread, complete due diligence assessments will be a time-consuming task to establish. We will, regardless of this, always do our best to answer all questions, as per the disclosure requirements in the law.

Wilsgård cooperates with suppliers who deliver everything from feed to vessels, cage constructions, packaging, and technology. Many of these suppliers have their own suppliers. Therefore, it is necessary for Wilsgård to cooperate also with these, as the Transparency Act expects assessments throughout the entire value chain.

Wilsgård already sets contractual requirements for several of the most critical suppliers, both regarding human rights and follow-up of social conditions from our suppliers, both internally and externally. We have board resolutions on ethical guidelines for the group, and a joint declaration on “Good social practice” has also been prepared.

The annual report on work with the Transparency Act is published here on the website by 30th June.

If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.